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We are fans of the split flap technique and find it a pity that it is disappearing more and more. Therefore, we try to save discarded modules from being scrapped. Of course, these rescued modules should not only go to waste on the shelf, but should also be used. Therefore we have built up an easy to use line with 30 letters and we also like to rent it for events.

A remote interface ensures extremely flexible control, so that there are no limits to your imagination. A browser-based GUI is available for easy operation. With this, processes can be defined which are also displayed without a network connection.

For the future, we are planning a more modular structure, so that further grid arrangements (also multi-line) can be realised very easily.


Weight20,5 kg
AccessoriesPower supply unit, flight case for transport
Size for transport (WxHxD)172cm x 28cm x 21cm
Shipping weight35kg


At present we do not offer any split flap displays or modules for sale, but only lend a display with 30 letters. Please contact us for a concrete time schedule.

Basic price per week1000 €
Shipping feesTransport to a place of your choice. We usually ship with UPS.
Optional on-site supporttravel expenses + daily rate


Please contact us to arrange an appointment and to clarify all other conditions.

phone+49 351 482 92 30